Pindakaas Saxophon Quartett

The "Pindakaas Saxophon Quartett" has established itself in the classic-scene as an inspired ensemble whos´s music goes beyond the normal boundries and expectations of common chamber music program. The quartet´s presentation is both entertaining and informative. They have an informal style that helps the audience get a real feel for the works, the arrangements and the ensemble, but at the same time the presentation never compromises the integraty of the music. "Pindakaas" brings a combination of contemporary style and sensitive interpretation to every composition they perform.

Pindakaas Saxophon Quartett won the 1st prize at the International Competition "Kammermusik mit Saxophonen" (chamber music with saxophones) in Unna/Germany 1996.

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Transorient Orchestra

The "Transorient Orchestra", founded in 2003, is the latest musical project led by Kazim Calisgan and Andreas Heuser, who have been enjoying a long running musical friendship.
It brings together some of the most creatice and experienced musicians from the thriving world-music scene which has established itself in the cultural melting pot that is the Ruhr Area. Their roots are in Germany, Turkey, Iran, Tunesia and India: 15 highly individual musicians joined together in one fresh and exciting sounding big-band.
The "Transorient Orchestra" impressively manages to bridge the gap between East and West, between tradition and contemporary. Musical influences as diverse as from the Balkans, Arabic and Turkey are taken up and mixed with rock and jazz; century old traditionals are turned into new multi-facetted musical gems. The "Transorient Orchestra" presents mystic ballads as well as rhythmically complex, engaging up-tempo tracks with overwhelming improvisational playfulness giving each of the musicians a chance to show off their highly individual skills. It takes the listener on a gripping and capturing musical journey between East and West.

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Nefes In Motion

Within the context of Sufi Music "nefes" means roughly: "when the heart jumps full of joy and pure delight, and excitement expresses itself, and the usual forms have vanished, than this excitement is neither dance nor pleasure of the flesh, but the soul´s dissolution."

The ensemble "Nefes In Motion" based in the Ruhr Area in Germany is brigding the gap between Europe and Asia, between tradition and contemporary. Sufi Music meets cutting edge jazz.

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electric winds - solo

With different woodwind instruments and more or less electronic stuff, Marcin Langer creates an improvisational and experimental program, which often produces as if by magic new sound surprises.
The range goes from meditative soundscapes to explosive musical-archaic expressions. Beside saxophones Marcin Langer also plays on different flute types like the alto flute, shakuhachi, dizi, okarina, tin whistle and other instruments like kalimba, shruti-box and "plastic keyboard".
In addition with live-loop-recordings it is possible to create multiple soundscapes "on the fly", which can be used as a platform-structure for further improvisations.

Saxophone-Livemusic for special events

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